I am a designer maker of jewellery largely in sterling silver often with decorative elements in gold and black patinated silver.  Pieces are created in layers separated and joined by hidden tube spacers to produce a 3D object.  Several collections are developing simultaneously as pendants, necklaces, brooches and bangles along particular themes.

Pieces are made to commission based on the prototypes shown here or developed in discussion with clients.  As they are all hand made every piece is unique.

I am currently working in a lively studio workshop in Camberwell South London as a new venture following a career as an architect.  Having worked in silver as relaxation all my adult life it is wonderful to have more time to pursue and develop that passion.  More workshop time makes offering pieces for sale possible for the first time. The creative community around the workshop hold regular open-studio events where the pieces can be seen in the flesh together with the work of my fellow silversmiths and jewellers.  Potential clients can arrange by e-mail or mobile phone to visit the workshop or meet me elsewhere at any time.

The Collections

The developing collections currently are shown on the accompanying website pages as follows:

The Wainwright Zoo – A collection of animal pendants and brooches

Rainbow Electroplated Hematite - My favourite stone

Cityscapes – A collection of pendants each depicting a city with a skyline of its famous buildings in silver and gold set against a translucent blue agate sky

Weather and Cosmos – A collection of brooches on weather and related themes

Bangles Cuffs and Bracelets - All sorts of decoration for your wrist

Bead-Tube-Bead – A collection of necklaces of alternating silver tubes and semi-precious beads

Boxes - Trinket boxes in silver and semi-precious stones

Individual Pieces - A selection from a wide body of work

Exhibition Pieces - Themed works made for national and international exhibitions

Gilding Metal Sculptures - Larger pieces as table top sculptures

Shakespeare Bangle ‘All that Glisters is not Gold’

Shakespeare Bangle ‘All that Glisters is not Gold’